Deep Defence - The Cybersecurity Protocol

Blockchains are secure —
The devices accessing them are not.

Blockchains are a crucially important innovation, an enabling technology to enhance diverse industries such as finance, medicine, logistics, mining, governance, and more. They allow disparate parties to interact without needing trust.

The trust lies with the blockchain.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

We’re Building a New Cybersecurity Economy


A cybersecurity lattice where every smart device is secured by scalable distributed Artificial IntelligenceThe Solution


An ecosystem where all participants have carefully aligned incentives to enhance global cybersecurityThe Economy


Our seasoned team has years of cybersecurity experience at large enterprises and successful startups    The Team    


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The Cybersecurity Problem

The Four Challenges to Cybersecurity

  • Primitive

    Existing security solutions are basic or do not scale
  • Fragmentation

    Too many device types, and lack of standards
  • Commoditization

    End-users expect security, but are unwilling to pay
  • Monetization

    Developers cannot monetize security

Each device is a target

Kinds of Attack

Against Confidentiality

Stealing information, accessing data streams

Example: malware that steals private keys, attack that accesses video feeds

Against Integrity

Changing data, altering information

Example: changing destination wallet addresses, sending incorrect manufacturing data.

Against Availability

Preventing users from accessing a service

Example: Distributed Denial of Service attacks, ransomware

The Deep Defence Solution

AI + Grid Computing + Economic Incentives

Artificial Intelligence

AI “may be the most effective approach to…prevent or mitigate future attacks.”

- US National Science and Technology Council Committee on Technology

Grid Computing

Highly scalable, self-managing, and resilient against Denial of Service and directed malware attacks

Economic Incentives

Rewards end-users, application developers and ecosystem participants for adopting enhanced security

How it Works


Embeds monitoring module to send telemetry to AI models

Must pass security audit by Deep Defence audit partners

Data Scientist and Security Researcher

Train AI to detect threats like intrusions and malware

Deploys AI to distributed computing system

End User

Agrees to join Deep Defence Network as part of device onboarding

Contributes data

Node Operator

As staker, validates and secures blockchain

Runs the Deep Defence AI programs

Mobile Wallet Security

  • Operational AI-based threat detection
  • Can be built into any Android-based wallet
  • End-users and app developer rewarded with Armour tokens for joining Deep Defence and contributing data
  • Users use Armour to subscribe to threat warnings
  • Accurate

    99% Precision on new 0-day threats

  • Lightweight

    Module adds only 100 kb

  • Fast

    New threats detected in seconds

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Threat Intelligence Portal and API

Security Teams

Must hold and use Armour tokens to access threat intelligence

Target customers: enterprises, telecommunications, critical infrastructure, law enforcement, national defence,

Security Services and Insurance

Accept Armour currency as payment, and use it to access threat intelligence and to provide value-added services

Get access to threat intelligence

Token Economy

Armour Token

  • Ecosystem currency and reward: earned by ecosystem participants for enhancing security, contributing data, staking the blockchain, and offering services
  • Consumed (burned) to subscribe for threat warnings and threat intelligence
  • Unlimited supply, limited lifetime (half-life)

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